St Patrick’s COI Cathedral

St Patricks COI Cathedral

As you approach Armagh, you’ll notice its most distinctive landmarks right away. From opposite hills, two striking cathedrals face each other across a valley, both honoring St Patrick.

Saint Patrick first built a stone church on the hill of Armagh in 445AD and there has been a Christian church on the site where the Cathedral stands ever since. The plan of the Cathedral, as it now stands, is the design of Archbishop O’Scanlain in 1268 and it was last restored in 1834. The High King of Ireland, Brian Boru, was buried in the Cathedral grounds in 1014.

The Church of Ireland Cathedral of St Patrick, Armagh, is set on a hill from which the name of the city derives – Ard Macha – the Height of Macha. Macha is the legendary pre-Christian tribal princess, some say fearsome goddess of war and fertility.